Connecticut AG creates new department focusing exclusively on privacy and data security

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen has announced the creation of a new Privacy and Data Security Department within the AG’s office. The Department will be tasked with handling all consumer privacy investigations and litigation, as well as educating the public and businesses about protecting sensitive data. Assistant Attorney General Matthew Fitzsimmons, who previously chaired a privacy and data security task force within the AG’s office, will head the new department and its dedicated team of lawyers. The AG has not received any additional funding for the Department.

Connecticut AG to investigate Lenovo’s installation of Superfish software.  Connecticut’s AG has also recently announced that it is investigating PC manufacturer Lenovo Group Ltd. in connection with its installation of tracking software on its computers. The software, created by Superfish, Inc., was designed to track customers’ web browsing and search activity in order to better target advertising to users. However, because the software works by breaking HTTPS encryption on websites, it also makes information easily available to other users on a wi-fi network. Lenovo has issued a statement stating that it stopped pre-installing the software in January and gave users instructions on how they could remove it. Jepsen, meanwhile, said in a statement that he is concerned both about the company’s decision to pre-load tracking software on users’ devices and its creation of a “significant security vulnerability” that put users at risk of hacking.