Expanding the Digital Economy Through Data

Originally posted by the U.S. Chamber Foundation, Sept. 22, 2015, as part of a series of articles relating to the Internet of Everything project. Read more at uschamberfoundation.org/ioe.

The reverberations throughout global markets of China’s economic slowdown and stock market fall remind us once again how much the world’s major economies depend on each other.

Nowhere is this more true than between the European Union and the United States, the world’s two largest economic entities.  Together, they account for one-half of the world’s GDP and about one-third of its trade flows.  So the United States has a significant stake in the success of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy. Its promise of economic growth for Europe will help to lift the American economy as well, and Americans share the Commission’s vision of information and communications technology as “the foundation of all modern innovative economic systems.” Read More