Blockchain: Poised to Transform Business

Listen to The Sidley Podcast for an informative discussion of how blockchain, digital assets and virtual currencies are changing the way we transact

Blockchain technology has the ability to transform how business and everyday commercial transactions are conducted across industries. This emerging technology represents more than just an incremental improvement in business practices — it could actually disrupt how we do business. What is blockchain, how will it affect the way we communicate and transact with each other and why are cryptocurrencies being used in conjunction with this technology?

We get answers to these questions and many others in the latest episode of The Sidley Podcast. Podcast host and Sidley partner Sam Gandhi speaks with Lilya Tessler, a partner in the firm’s New York office, who focuses her practice on the corporate and regulatory aspects of blockchain technology.

Listen in for valuable information on:

  • Benefits and risks of blockchain technology and digital currencies
  • Regulatory hurdles on a global scale
  • Top industries that are adopting it
  • Who benefits from early implementation

About the podcast series

The Sidley Podcast brings a unique perspective to complex issues at the intersection of law and business. Episodes feature thought leaders from Sidley’s offices around the globe as they dive into newsworthy topics.

We hope you enjoy our latest episode.