Introducing Sidley’s Blockchain Legal Launch Pad

Adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technology has the potential to revolutionize business and business practices in ways not seen since the advent of the internet and e-commerce.

Whether you are directly responsible for researching, developing, or implementing new blockchain initiatives, or you are executive management and need a more informed understanding of the issues your project teams are confronting, Sidley’s Blockchain Legal Launch Pad is a place to which you can turn as a resource.

The Blockchain Legal Launch Pad is a collection of resources from leading business, legal, regulatory agency, and technology stakeholders. It is a central source for information concerning regulatory updates, industry milestones, benchmarks and critical developments, and best practices impacting emerging and established businesses as they navigate the development and implementation of blockchain technology. It is intended to provide the basis for navigating the contextual understanding of the specific laws, regulatory regimes, and best practices that pertain to the industries within which blockchain technologies are being developed and/or implemented.

The Blockchain Legal Launch Pad showcases what the best and most creative minds in this area are thinking about now.

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